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About us...

I'm P.J. and Peach Boutique was my dream come true! I wanted a "job" where I could be home with my boys as much as possible to be able to focus on their extracurricular activities & enjoy all the love they have to share with me daily! But I also wanted something where I could interact with people while providing comfortable & stylish clothing to every peach! But we have become SO much more!

Kaeden, my oldest, will be off to college soon & no... I'm not ready. He's an absolutely amazing human & he is wise beyond his years in brilliance. He loves to help me dream up ideas to spoil my VIP group & he loves to execute them! He's a huge help during lives with keeping his younger brother entertained or joining me live to show off "lady drip" as he calls it (I guess that's code for women's clothing).

Rylee is a brilliant young lady who moves mountains to leave her mark at our local high school and within the community. Between FFA, 4H, S2S (student to student), and many other groups at the high school, she stays busy but loves the help she is providing to others. She joined our family in early 2024 and we are so blessed to have her!

Zachary is my youngest little love. He is full of energy, oh so smart, and loves that mom gets to be home every afternoon to work on his sight words! His personality wins over every person he meets because he is funny, matter of fact, and such a joy to be around. But his love... he loves so big just like his brother.

To say Peach Boutique is a dream come true doesn't really even begin to touch just how miraculous our small business has been for our family. Without it, our little family would certainly be in a much tighter spot. So, thank you for being here & supporting the dreams we are working to make happen!

Welcome to Peach Boutique by P.J. and I look forward to offering you all the amazing goodies all while building friendships!